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Shakirah Bourne writes all about “My Fishy Stepmom”

Josephine Cadogan loooves cricket! The game, her dad and her best friend Ahkai are the only things that make living in the very, very, veeery boring village of Fairy Vale, Barbados manageable. She really wants to play for the school team, but Coach Broomes says only boys are allowed. Josephine knows she can play better than any of the boys in the team, if she could just get a chance. To make matters worse, her father has a new girlfriend. And no one is good enough for Josephine’s dad. Not since her mom died. But Josephine is very good at keeping women away by setting booby traps to scare them off.

No one ever survived her tricks – until Mariss came along.

No matter what anyone else says, Josephine knows there is something ‘fishy’ about Mariss. She is just too perfect. And maybe it’s all the stories about baccoos and douens, and other mythical creatures from Miss Mo, champion fish de-boner of Fairy Vale, or maybe it’s all the missing pets, but Josephine begins to suspect there is something downright spooky about Mariss. But will she be able to get to the bottom of the mystery?

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