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Lennox With A Vibe That Brown Tea Time Sweet

New release No Regrets delivers a vibe we didn’t realise we needed

If you have not been keeping up with the work Lennox has been putting out these past couple of years we implore you to log in on what this young man is doing. To describe the flavour that the singer brings through in No Regrets is so tasty you can’t define it in one go. Listening to this afro beat kinda R&B type easy vibe takes you away to a space distinctly Caribbean with an African foundation.

Watch the video here!

Listen the man reason the girl flavour brown tea time sweet. Gotta love it. The record was produced by Elton “Lennox” Wharton and Jonathan Banfield with background vocals from Jadon Knight & Derek Marshall bringing the soul!

Also for the Spotify people you can pick it up here!

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