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Is there space for positive messages in Dancehall? Kingservant is adding to his releases in 2020 with this new track King Ting. A dancehall track holding all the vibes to bounce your through a session but challenges the mainstream culture of the music genre. Instead of the village ram personality King Servant is highlighting how we should raise up our queens.

King Servant takes us through the journey of this song and why he is so passionate about creating inspirational music that speaks to all the King Tings that makes up King Servant.

Listen to the story behind the song and let us know if you think there should be more messages like King Ting in dancehall music.

Check all the links where you can download and stream King Ting right here! Listen to some more music released from King Servant released this year!

Watch the Not Me lyric Video
Listen to Jah’s Grace here.

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