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Gibbzy Dan Dun Wid De Vans!


GINE ON: What is the music video about?
GIBBZY: The music video is about a dreadful day I had where I encountered two bad experiences back to back on two separate ZR vans. One was empty and dragging making me late and the other was too full and the conductor was wilding out.

GINE ON: Who is the writer, producer and director of the video
GIBBZY: I wrote the song. The producer was De Bajan Beat Boy at DBBB Productions and the video was shot by Stronghold Entertainment

GINE ON: Challenges and how you over came them?
GIBBZY: I had some challenges for sure. The first challenge was finding funds to have the video made but the NCF Covid-19 relief grant solved that problem so eternal thanks to them. As fate would have it, when I finally was able to do this video, it was during this pandemic. This meant we had to find cast members willing to sit inside a van in close proximity without masks. We also didn’t want the video to depict the current situation we are in because in years to come when Covid-19 is no more the video would seem dated. Those were the two main challenges.

GINE ON: Did you finally get de car?
GIBBZY: Yes! I was sharing my girlfriend’s car for a few years but I have my own wheels now! If I never catch van again it will be too soon. Van life ain’ easy. I had enough for ten lifetimes.

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