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Don’t Think This Thing Is A Walk In The Park

Bajan Vanessa Bongo keeps blazing in JA with new video Walk In The Park

Watch the full video of Walk In The Park

Social commentary striding in lyrical richness and wicked visuals excites as Vanessa Bongo shares the story of the work artists put in to build society every day. Walk In The Park is a reminder of to whoever that making art is not as easy as perceived. It also calls to unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes to produce quality we all enjoy.

The track beats with nostalgia while Vanessa flows with a vibrancy that breathes life onto the earth that she walks every second through this visual story. Except for when she pauses to hold a meddy. Signalling the rest needed to rejuvenate from that hard work she putting in.

Music video directed by C.A.B Concepts. If you identify with what Vanessa is preaching in this new track and you are proud of this Bajan daughter make sure the share this and show off this international standard that was born bout hey.

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