Discussion on Bajan Artists Charging For Streaming Online Concerts

A recording of the discussion on Instagram live with the Gine On team and their community

Watch or listen to the full discussion here!

Is it the right time to be doing something like this? Do Bajans really respect their artists? Nuff questions were bouncing around due to a post that caused some heated discussions on social media…

A post was made by the Nation Barbados on 03/24/2020 regarding local Barbadian artists considering to host online concerts via a video stream and charge for them. Now the comeback in the comments were not too positive. In fact there were hardly any positive comments to be found in the Facebook or Instagram sections where the public was sharing their opinions. In response to these comments several artists themselves created their own conversations surrounding the situation and that spurred the founders of, D.J Simmons and Empress Zingha to jump on their Instagram and have a LIVE discussion with their community. Some strong suggestions were made as D.J and Zingha followed the comments of the viewers but we will let you get in the the meat yourself as you watch and listen.

Due to the several requests for the video to be viewed by others who did not have time to view the live video, the Gine On team is sharing the conversation here so you can follow along and form your own opinions as well.

If you want to see the post on the Nation’s Facebook page go here:

Interested in the Instagram post then check this one.

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