You know that one friend that will work on a project until it drives them crazy? That’s Jawade Elibox, a man with a very astute eye for creativity. He looks at a single subject and sees a narrative that reeks of authenticity. He is a visual storyteller who loves to pay homage to the Craftsmen of our Fate; the title of his current Bajan docuseries of unique craftsmen and women. Let’s not get carried away, Jawade is a very humbled guy who takes pride in God, family, vlogging, filmmaking and designing. Check his socials for confirmation.

Stick a pin! You may be thinking, he had it all figured out! This flow of creativity did not run smoothly upstream. Though Jawade was drawn to the arts, at one point he was playing tug-o-war with his passions. Until one day his spirit literally could not take it anymore. Listen here to what happened next.

Being true to self is not always an easy task. However, since that faithful day, Jawade became more in tune with self and became spirit-driven. This is where his artistry was aligned with a design that somehow spilled into filmmaking. Those of us who’ve been following his journey, look forward to the next development of creative projects he unleashes in his spare time especially the family vlogs that always have some underlying humor starring his wife, daughter and now the tiny tot of the clan, his son.

Jawade’s episode reminded me of the ‘Magic-If’ by Russian theatre educator Stanlisvaski, “What would I do if I found myself in this character’s circumstance?”. If I were Jawade all those years ago in that moment, I would have chosen to be true to self as well. Are you being true to you and your passions?

~ Jae is a passionate Theatre Practitioner and Educator with a Masters in Arts – Creative Arts and the Creativist of Theatre Convos. Find her via @theatreconvos

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