Creative Industries And Trade Digitisation Forum

At UNCTAD 15, the Creative Industries Forum and the Trade Digitisation Forum have combined to form the Creative Industries/Trade Digitisation Forum.

Trade Digitisation is about doing business by electronic means.  Creative Industries have been loosely defined as industries which are based on individual creativity, skill and talent. With the advent of COVID 19 and well before, the world has been looking towards doing more and more business via electronic means.  The Creative Industries are no exception. The digital world is the newest home of creative product and content.

While the rise of digital trade and the digital market place has great promise for creatives who operate on the outside of traditional global centres of trade, the promise may be greater than the reality.  The digital divide is real.  The lack of effective policies and frameworks is real.  The unequal access to STEAM education is real.  However, our ability to overcome these challenges is also real, if we are willing to face reality and think differently.  

The theme of the Creative Industries/Trade Digitisation Forum is “Inequality at the Root.”   

The forum looks directly at the reality that the inequalities we see across the globe are not by accident or incidental but are features built into cultures and systems.  These features produce patterns and cycles of inequality which, unless creatively disrupted, will continue.

It is tech savvy creatives and creative techies who now are on the front lines of the battle to create a world where sustainability and prosperity is for all.  

The Creative Industries/Trade Digitisation forum seeks to shift the conversation around Creative Industries and Digital Trade, so that we can reboot and update our thinking and…

  • be grounded in an appreciation of history and culture
  • understand the reality of persistent patterns of inequality
  • Find new paths to industrialising creativity and technology, for a more equitable future

To register for the UNCTAD 15 Creative Industries/Trade Digitisation (CITD) forum, REGISTER HERE!

The CITD forum includes…

“Inequality at the Root”

Prof. Sir Hilary Beckles and Prof. Maria Koundoura explore the central role of Barbados and the Caribbean in creating and finally addressing a global system of inequality

Harnessing IP and Digitisation”

Hear how approaches to intellectual property are changing in the digital world and what it means for the Caribbean

“Creating our own Intersections”

This section looks at the paths to collaboration and overcoming the tendency to work in silos if we are going to move forward in more effective ways

“Nurturing Mindfulness amid Disruptions”

Technology give us so much access to information and entertainment.  In some cases, too much.  The practice of Mindfulness is an antidote to the clutter and distraction of the digital age

New Bridge City

“New Bridge City” is a the prototype of an educational, virtual platform which can bring together Caribbean heritage culture with Caribbean contemporary pop culture .

Tales in De Forest

“Tales in de Forest” is a digital theatre production showcasing Caribbean folklore heritage in a contemporary setting

… and there is much more!

Also on the HEar Wuh Gine On radio show on Saturday September 25th you will hear all the information on how you can embrace this online. Tune in from 11:45 am – 12 noon. When you register for the forum during our radio show you can have a chance to win prizes compliments the Hilton Resort Barbados, Atlantis Submarines, Ciao Bella Bath + Body and Mount Gay Rum Distillery. Send a screenshot of your successful registration to the WhatsApp 837-2136 for a chance to win!


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