Gine On?! People’s Choice Awards 2022

We invite you to view the climax of the 3rd annual Gine On People’s Choice Awards right here on! Night 1 is in two parts hosted by Lord Zenn and the Gala night was streamed live from The Frank Collymore Hall hosted by Belle Holder. The Celebration Ceremonies showcases the nominees, announces the awardees with special announcements and unique live entertainment with special moments!

Watch the Gala Night 2 Of The Celebration Ceremony here!
Watch part 1 of Night 1 Of The Celebration Ceremony here!
Watch Part 2 of Night 1 here!

The Awardees 2022

Slide to see the awardees chosen by the public!

We encourage you to still check out the visual showcase of the nominees in the category cards down below!

A massive thank you to the National Transformation Initiative for helping us to continue to transform how we and the world see Bajan.

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See the awardees as they are announced here!

Immerse yourselves in the photos and relive the night!

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The Media

Excerpt of Feature On Starcom Network
Morning Barbados Clip
DJ Simmons Interview On 2 Drinks In Podcast

The Categories

These category cards are filled with media and links celebrating your creatives. This will help you to immerse yourself in the talent! We encourage to you to take some some and embrace each nominee.

The Gine On Awards strives to put the power in the palm of every Bajan hand to showcase Barbados talent to the world. Learn about the creatives and culture that impacts us yearly.

The nominees and awardees gain the respect and recognition they deserve from their peers, clients and any eager eye who loves this colourful culture!

This is the 3rd annual Awards season; every year every lover of anything Bajan across the world can look forward to adding this celebration as a part of their entertainment calendar.

All nominees are submitted by the public over the period of the previous year, then the public selects the best of the best from the shortlists of the year’s best Bajans in over 55 categories. Then comes the second and final round of voting where the online pages here are decorated with the profiles and media of every nominee.

In a climax like only how Bajans can do it, the nominees are celebrated, Awardees announced and special announcements made in Celebration Ceremonies filled with unique live performances and Barbadian local celebrities from all walks of life.

Your questions answered
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Submissions for nominations are made via the public. Then the official nominees are chosen via a first round of voting from the public.

If a category did not receive enough submissions, it would be defunct for the current season.

The official nominees were revealed LIVE on our Hear Wuh Gine On radio show on CBC 94.7 FM on January 29th at 11 am.

Due to rising COVID cases and the Barbados elections, we have updated our dates for the Awards season. Check them below:
New deadline for nominations – January 18th! Send in who deserves to be showcased
Shortlist of potential Nominees released – January 21st! Choose who should make the nominee list
Official nominees announced on radio – January 29th! Tune into CBC 94.7 FM and hear it live
Choose your awardees – January 31st – February 13th! This is where you choose who deserves the award!
2 nights of Celebration Ceremonies – February 26th & 27th. We praying hard for Night 2 to be in person with protocols in effect.

2021 has been one unpredictable roller coaster. While the pandemic continues to surge across the world, Barbados has been under curfew for almost the entire year. One of the major industries impacted has been Arts and Entertainment. However the creatives in Barbados are resilient and across various disciplines have been producing quality work to help being smiles to the community every day. And the Gine On?! People’s Choice Awards is one way in which we celebrate them. Showcasing the talents of those who have been impacting the culture of 2021 in Bim.

The names submitted will be compiled and released in a shortlist per category. The public will then select the official nominees from this shortlist on January 21st – 23rd.

Check the results and showcase from the 2021 Awards season. Watch the Celebration Ceremony here. See last season’s nominees and awardees here.

These awards were created to celebrate the creatives who impact Barbados throughout the year.

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