Gine On People’s Choice Awards FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Awards season to help share our vision for this entity!

Why wunna start the Awards?
The Gine On Awards were started in 2019 by artists who wanted to help showcase the work of other creatives and cultural practitioners across various genres. The focus is to pay respect to those currently creating an impact on communities and encourage these artists and entities to engage with an online audience. There is also the goal of creating international opportunities, gigs, collaborations, an increase in digital growth, etc for some of the nominees involved in the season. We use our resources to give “Jack he jacket” and educate all lovers of Bajan culture around the world about our talent and give artists another positive addition on their calendar each year.

Are the nominees vetted?
When the nominees are submitted from the public, we do research to verify that the submission has produced work in the timeframe (previous year) or are practicing in the field that the category represents during that same timeframe.

Why a category for me ain’t there?
When we started there were 40 categories which have grown to 57 in total. We have had conversations with various talents over the years who have suggested categories that can be added and many have been successful. Once enough different names have been submitted in that category for the year, it becomes official.

Why wasn’t I nominated / how do you nominate some body?
The nominations are submitted by the people of the community who are passionate about the categories of culture. We usually have a link where you can submit the nomination on our website throughout the year.

What does being on the Shortlist mean?
After the submissions, we create Shortlists based on the information. It’s then time for the people to help build the nominee list. The first round of voting takes place and the public then selects who they believe deserves to be the official nominees. The second round of voting then determines the awardees in each category.

Do I need to select more than one potential nominee from the Shortlist?
No, you can select any number up to the limit in the category. If the nominee list for the categories is for ten (10), you can select any amount of names you believe deserve to be in the group of nominees. Could be 1, 4, 5, or 10.

What is the benefit to the artists?
We have had reports of artists gaining notoriety, more online growth in terms of views and followers, opportunities for collaborations. new clients and more. This is also a good opportunity for the nominees to market their work to organic online audiences coming to learn more about them. It also shows that their peers, supporters and fans of Bajan culture respects them and validates their work.

Why can I only vote once?
The power of your voice is very important. We want you to feel the weight of your choice when selecting who should be the awardee in each category. The numbers do count towards who the majority of the public has selected. So we encourage you to think carefully, engage with the links to learn more about the creatives on the webpage and make your choice wisely.

What do the Awardees receive?
An award trophy handcrafted by a local craftsman from the legendary Pelican Village. They may also receive gift baskets from sponsors of those categories. The alumni of awardees also have the opportunity to be paid for conducting online workshops to help educate the community who supported them. They also have that verification that they were rewarded with the love from home and can add “award-winning” to any bio they write.

When can I start nominating for 2023 Awards season?
Two days after the climax of the 2022 Award season. You will find the link on our website. Just give us two days to breathe and then we go again!

This thing legit?
The Gine On Awards has been endorsed by the National Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Culture, National Transformation Initiative and the US Embassy Bridgetown. We also have the support of various stalwarts of the Barbadian community.

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