See Who Win In The Arts In The North Draw

A fundraiser so more children can enjoy the arts!

Watch the video and see who won!

We all heard the story already, “teachers go above and beyond and don’t get the credit.” Well Hugh Griffith, music teacher at the Ignatius Byer Primary School in St. Lucy, took on the endeavour to raise money for the arts programs in the schools in the north of the island. And we took out our cameras to bring it to you!

In this quick video we get to see who were the lucky winners of the draw with prizes ranging from a Day Pass at the Hilton, free cell phone top ups and even free pizza! Respect to all of the entrants whose donations have surely aided in this worthy cause and come and see some of the lucky people who won! Hugh also dropped in some sincere words at the end that we definitely need to let sink in! Big ups to everyone who entered and supported such an uplifting event.

So the next time you see Hugh make sure to ask him how you can help not just the Arts In The North, but all over the place.

If you like this post I feel you would be interested in what the students at the Arthur Smith primary school was up to creating and designing their own heroes.

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