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Empress Zingha here!

Last hero’s day I had the pleasure of sitting down in Queen’s Park with Sade.  She is an upcoming soca artist and is currently on Blood’s new Crop Over album entitled “In Alphabetical Order”.  In this interview, she talks about her experiences so far as an upcoming entertainer and her vision for Crop Over 2017 and beyond! Happy reading!

 (Empress Zingha – EZ)

(Sade – S)

 EZ:          Hey Sade, thanks for coming on as the feature this month.  Are you are a new soca artist?

 S:            I am! Actually, had a song last year called “Party Start”.  It was  written by Andy “Blood” Armstrong and also by Jimmy Dan and also produced by Blood.  That did well, and I enjoyed performing.  That is why I decided to come back again this year for a second time.

EZ:          Have you always been a singer Sade?

S:            Well, like most people who start singing, they grow up in the church and I did also, singing gospel.  I then came off of that a little bit, and I just only recently, because of soca, that I picked back up singing.

EZ:          In terms of how society is when one stops singing gospel to sing soca, was that transition challenging for you?

S:            Well for me, I love music. I don’t only like gospel, I don’t only like soca, I also like reggae, rap, all different types of music.  Once the beat, the vibe is there, you got me.

EZ:          Would you tell us more about the vibe last year?

S:           Well, I was new to it, so I was a little skeptical – meaning that you know… this is something that you want to do, but you don’t really know how it all works. So after, we went to the different shop limes to perform and you see how people know your songs – and even those who don’t know the songs! and how they are moving and grooving with the music it is a feeling like no other.

EZ:          What are your objectives for Crop Over 2017? What do you have in store for us?

S:            I just want to enjoy myself and I want everyone else to enjoy themselves! Crop Over is our festival, and it is so wonderful to see people partying and dancing.  There is no animosity with anybody.  I just want to enjoy the season.   This year, the sound and the song, “Crop Ova Tuh De Worl” is a little more in the sweet soca vibe.  It was also produced by Blood and also co-written by him and myself.  I love it and I hope that the rest of Barbados will love it as well.

EZ:          How is it working with Blood? He has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time.  What has been like working with him?

S:            It has been very educational.  I am learning a lot especially within live performance settings.  I look to him to see the things I should do as well as the things I shouldn’t.  The whole group, “The Red Head Crew” coming out of the Red Head Studios – the entire group is amazing we have a lot of different people in the group they all have their own different styles and I love it.  That is why I decided to do it again this year, because last year was excellent.

EZ:          As a female in the soca industry, do you find yourself being objectified in your work?

S:            Within my experience so far, I have not been objectified.  However, when I really decided that I wanted to actually push to be a soca artist, that was in 2015; I was at Soca Royale and I was looking on at all these performers but they were mostly male.  That was when I decided, “yea, I wanna be up there next year” – it didn’t happen, but that was the objective.  Then I realized, you know what Sade, there aren’t a lot of females doing this and I wanted to make a contribution.  I wanted to say “this is my contribution to crop over” you know? That is what prompted me, because, the females were not represented to me.  Of course, there are the big names like, Alison, Nakita as well as Shanta Prince – but I wanted to be involved also.  I have not received any negativities – I know that there will always be that element out there but in my mind right now, I am thinking that for every negative person that might approach me there are also five more positive people.  So that is what I am working with and I am just working with the vibe.

EZ:          Now, you have mentioned about how Crop Over is this festive time and you get so see everyone and you are performing in various places.  How does your family feel about you being away from home around this time?

S:            Well my daughter, she is totally excited because she gets to go to school and say, “My mummy got uh song!” so that is great for her. My son on the other hand, is only four.  He understands what is going on, but he is neither here or there.

EZ:          There are some artists or maybe most who may have other affiliations with other types of art.  Do you have a love for or are you involved with any other art forms?

S:            Well I did visual arts at secondary school and I was very good at it, but I never kept up with it.  That is something that I can do.  I find though that I am a very creative person.  I do hair, nails I love to cook! My food is excellent.

EZ:          Ok! So! Let’s talk about the future now! As a performer and a singer, what do you want to be known for? Are there any artists that you would like to work with the future?

S:            I love all the Bajan artists, especially Alision Hinds! She is the Queen! If I could be anywhere near to her, that would be amazing to me. I want to be a great performer, a great singer.  I want people to enjoy the music.  The vibe is the main thing.  Once you are enjoying it, I’m good.


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