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Krisirie releases new music video Return To Love

Watch the full video here!

In the midst of a pandemic, Krisirie births a reminder “Let’s Return To Love” in her new music video, “Return To Love”. Listen to this message of hope and “let’s return to love”. We all need some good feels right about now.

This song is from my heart to yours. I want all of us to have the conversation on how we can return to LOVE in a world which seems so devoid of it.


The performer of the song continues:

The concept of the song stemmed from the deep sadness I felt, after watching the news one evening, it left me emotionally drained, not knowing that these emotions would then inspire an unforgettable moment in my career. This memorable moment took place in Miami Florida 5 years ago, with music legends, Willie Stewart and Handel Tucker. It was just the piano and my voice, then the music and lyrics flowed effortlessly resulting in the message being much greater than us. It was truly a surreal moment in the studio while we surrendered to the divine process. As creatives we are vessels for messages and sometimes the message writes itself, surfacing with a purpose for a specific time or even indefinitely. What we have is love, so let’s return to love.

The song was scripted by Kristen Walker, William Stewart and Handel Tucker and recorded and produced by Handel Tucker as well. The song was mixed at Above The Normal Studio By Sean Wedderburn and mastered at Sterling Sound NYC. The peronell responsible for the beautiful visuals are Tolga Ackayli, Shane Eastmond and Tiyesha Martin. If this vibe inspires you, share the link with your peoples so they in the know too!

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