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The vocalizations of Kellie Cadogan inspiring us to Don’t Panic

Listen to the full song here!

It feels like if we have heard these words hundreds of times over the last couple of days. Don’t Panic. Two words that can sometimes even cause the opposite to their meaning. However jazz vocalist Kellie Cadogan is here to inspire with this new release showing how powerful our mindset is in trying times.

When we are being tested we need someone to tell us not to give to help give you that umph to push you forward ya know! A reminder that others out there are ready to help you, and those you can help as well. Same time you are singing along with the catchy hook from Kellie, believe in what you are saying. And smile. You can even follow each positive lyric in the YouTube video description itself!

The track was written by Kellie herself with music by Shane Forrester and Wayne “Poonka” Willock. Mixed by Eliseus Joseph and Mastered at Mike Mastering. Support the singer and get your hands on the single from CD Baby (for just a digital John Redman Bovell) and put this on repeat!

We all need some good news or good words or good anything right now so share this inspiration with your peoples today!

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