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A Different Kind Of Crop Over Weekend

Touring Bim Episode 3 – Scorch Cruise & Tailgate

The sister company of Crop Over We Go, Ideal Journey Concierge has created the Touring Bim series where they intend to help locals find out more about what Barbados has to offer. You can check the action out on their Instagram account. In episode 3 they embraced some of the activities of a different looking Crop Over weekend. The Scorch Cruise and Tailgate.

Our @scorchbim and @limerzcruise family still gave us a reason to go outside and salvage some semblance of our sanity. ⁣⁣They definitely made the tabanca and nostalgia a bit easier to bear.

The video work was done by Andrew Browne. If you are loving the vibe follow the channel and share the vibe with your peoples!

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