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You can find out so much more by visiting their website or following @Seesaw on Twitter. There are numerous chat sessions that give you many more ideas of ways to use Seesaw in the classroom. Seesaw saves you time on organization and parent communication, makes formative assessment easy, and provides a safe place to teach 21st Century skills. It has given me the opportunity to review important curricular and government documents and watch really interesting videos with expert insight and teacher feedback. I will definitely use this content when I return to school. The slides are text brief, making them easier to read and the videos are Irish based schools which makes a difference.

The course was so beneficial, I feel much more confident about editing and updating our school website. The course facilitator couldn’t have been more supportive and helped with every difficulty I came across during the course. Hang them up around the classroom and have students move through them at their own pace, like a Scoot activity. This has motivated my students to research for information and revise their writing before presenting on the screen. As they practice presenting, they become more comfortable with the camera and speaking skills. Example of 3rd grade student explaining how he solved a math problem.

This image shows a screenshot of a student’s presentation on Seesaw. I hope to continue to use Seesaw as an educational tool in my future teaching practice. Both students and teachers can use Seesaw as a formative assessment tool or to reflect on their own work.

Seesaw is a helpful tool that can be used to show what a student can do, even though they might not have the language to express themselves. The fun part about using Seesaw is that students are able to share their work with their parents. Many times, they have posted a recording or picture during the day and a few minutes later the parent posts a comment. Students begin to smile and are motivated to post quality work to share with parents. This is especially true at the time this blog post comes out, when music educators are being challenged to adapt their models of education into virtual learning. When we land in our classrooms again with our students, we will want to know where our feet are.

Using Seesaw in Elementary General Music Part 2

The great thing about this is after I reviewed the work, if I noticed a student who did really well on their challenge, I may have him/her try the next problem. Same concept, just differentiated with different problems. Every student has a portfolio where their work appears making it easy to find work samples to share in meetings.

using seesaw for assessment

With that framework in mind, I want to share some possibilities for authentic musicing experiences that you can design for your specific scenario with the Seesaw app. This application can serve any of the skills, media, content, and assessments mentioned in this post, but today we’ll highlight literacy, creativity, and evaluation. Seesaw offers a powerful and authentic process for assessing student understanding. Record, measure, report, and leave feedback on student progress. I heard about SeeSaw a couple years ago and had it installed on my ipads, but it wasn’t until this past spring that I was finally able to check it out.

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When I reference assessment, I am not necessarily talking about grades. Enjoy access to millions of presentations, documents, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more ad-free. Activate your 30 day free trial to unlock unlimited reading. Lots of great ideas not just for AEN children but in general.

using seesaw for assessment

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that is easy to use and captures learning throughout the year. There are so many reasons that I feel that Seesaw has helped my students improve their communication skills but these are the top. When it’s time to evaluate, it takes about five seconds to listen to the student’s recording.

Catholic Education – Knowledge, Skills and Approaches to Aid Teaching

Then you can assign on a scale of in standards-based grading. 95% of teachers report that Seesaw helps teach their students 21st Century skills and use technology more effectively. Students will learn what Seesaw is and what is it used for. Students will also learn the educational impacts of using seesaw and the benefits it provides to teachers, students, and families.

SeeSaw is known for being a great advocacy tool, in that parents can see what’s going on in the music room! Once the students have uploaded their assessment to Seesaw, you will be required to approve it before any other students or parents can view it. By allowing students to work through assessments in Seesaw, it saves me the time of having to pull students one on one, and sucking up a ton of teaching time. I can assign an Activity in Seesaw, or have students move through a center in which one of the centers is an assessment challenge.

If you signed up for your course online you will have received an email with login details to start your training. Please check your spam/junk email folder as it may have landed in there. The end of course reflective assignment must demonstrate achievement of the course’s stated learning outcomes. The click “Confirm Enrolment” to securely process payment and enrol. After you do this, each class will have their own unique QR code.

This is important because we know our skills and standards look very different from our colleagues in general education. In this activity, students read the rhythm on the left. This could be done clapping, on other body percussion options, or vocally with rhythmic syllables.

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The devices and assessment activities can be placed at a center, where students work through them in small groups. You might place the assessment Challenges at the teacher table and work with students through them together (or independently while you’re sitting there with them). If you have access to a parent volunteer, this might be another option!

  • I hope that you will try Seesaw this year in your classroom.
  • Of the teachers that are aware of the resources, they do not know how to choose which one is the most beneficial to their individual classroom.
  • I tried this out last year and will detail below how I did it.
  • Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site.
  • The purpose of assessment is simply to get evidence about what students need from us.
  • This application can serve any of the skills, media, content, and assessments mentioned in this post, but today we’ll highlight literacy, creativity, and evaluation.

I printed these out so students could easily scan. Many of us are using iPads, iPods, or other devices in our classrooms this coming year! needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. In other words, we assess now because we don’t want to feel lost later. Here are some examples for Kinder – 5th grades using composition and arranging.

What Our Students Say

We will want to know where to start as we make up for lost instructional time. Assessment provides measurements of student progress so we have a better picture of the next steps we need to take. DoInk, which is an app where students use a green screen to record themselves presenting on a topic. After recording themselves with chosen backgrounds, students can create videos to share on Seesaw. We have a green screen on the wall and students have had fun posting presentation about animals, history, and reports in science.

Assessment Game Changer | Using Seesaw to Make Student Thinking Visible

Not only that, but the platform allows for numerous ways to share and express each student’s learning. Seesaw can also be a HUGE help during parent-teacher conferences. Instead of saying, “Yes, little Billy is doing great!” and smiling, I have EVIDENCE of little Billy’s thinking to share with parents through Seesaw. I can easily differentiate assessments in Seesaw too. I can assign students the same task in Seesaw, but I can differentiate the problems and content depending on my students and their needs.

Have the parent volunteer call students over one at a time to complete the assessment challenge. Having the parent there can be helpful because the volunteer can keep students on task, read directions, and help students troubleshoot and answer questions. But it’s something we have to do, and many districts mandate specific assessments at certain times of the year.

Your progression from module to module is contingent on the successful completion of these assignments. You are required to post two comments to the forum post at the end of each module throughout the course. You should then be able to login and commence your training. If you are enrolling before the the course start date, you’ll find that you can only access the course after the start date and time.

I have been fortunate to have worked as a bilingual teacher in Arizona, Spanish Immersion teacher in Florida, multi-age classroom teacher and now as an ESOL teacher in Georgia. Teaching students to become proficient in other languages has always been my passion. Now I have added sharing my passion with teachers as I am currently teaching seesaw protocol audit the ESOL Methods course in my county. You can connect with me on twitter @DelaneyELDiana. How many times have you recorded your students or taken a picture their amazing work but cannot find it later on your phone when you have to share with parent or other teachers? Well, Seesaw is your answer to sharing your student’s work.

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It can be as simple as a student taking a photo of something they’ve completed, and using the recording tool to reflect and explain. I hope that you will try Seesaw this year in your classroom. There are so many other features that teachers and students use in the classroom.

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