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25 Things Not To Do In Barbados.


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We have compiled the most critical Do Not of Barbados so you can enjoy Barbados safely and the correct way.

25 THINGS NOT TO DO IN BARBADOS here are a few:

Do not wear Camouflage

Do not touch or eat the Manchineel Tree and Fruit

Do not sit under a coconut tree

Do not go swimming on the east coast

Do not underestimate the power of rum punch

Do not go swimming nude

Do not disturb nesting turtles

Do not forget to wear mosquito repellant

Do not light on fires on beaches

Do not step on sea urchins

Do not go diving without a marker

We drive on the left

Do not litter

Do not take photos of locals without permission

Do not flaunt homosexuality

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Bajan Lifestyles

Giving you the best of Barbados and all of its hidden treasure (Bajan Lifestyle, Culture, Food, and all that's the best of Barbados) Due to the pandemic the channel is being re-branded, I will be your eyes and ears to Barbados, with some fun videos in between to keep you smiling. Showing you the best of the island of Barbados from a new and interactive perspective. Join us for some never-before-seen locations in Barbados.

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