Crop Over Unapologetic

A Literary Arts magazine published online filled with prose and poetry submitted by talented writers based in the setting of Crop Over. The words would be creatively married with images from local photographers. Collaborated on and coordinated by Nailah Imoja.

Tips to Read the Magazine on Mobile Devices

Swipe left to turn the page.
• To view full screen tap a page, hit the three dots in the top right corner and choose Fullscreen.
• To zoom in simply double tap anywhere on the screen. Double tap again to zoom out.
• The links in the Table of Contents page take you straight to that piece.
• To view the magazine in double page spread format flip your device to landscape mode.

Crop Over might be mentioned or implied in the piece…. but focus should be on the unapologetic…. be daring, be irreverent…. be different…. be unapologetic… have fun

Nailah Imoja

We challenged writers to submit poems and short stories on the topic of Crop Over Unapologetic. We are also featuring the visual works of photographers who were inspired by the writings to help with the visual aesthetic of the magazine under the same theme. This magazine features written wizardry from, Daveny Ellis, Shaneise Holder, Aprille Thomas, Ramone Blackman, Robert Gibson, Andre Sandiford-Williams, Robert Edison Sandiford, Sonia Williams, Linda Deane and Jamaica award-winning writer Opal Palmer Adisa with a guest piece by local legend Winston Farrell. You will see visuals from the minds of photographers Jaryd Niles Morris, Andrew Browne, Alexander Newton and Michron Robinson. The magazine will be launched on August 11th for all to browse these words from any device!

You will also be hearing some of the top work chosen from a panel of Shakirah Bourne, Adonijah, Sarah Veneble and Andre Harewood professionally performed by Dy Browne and Mahalia.

Dy Browne reading top poem In Temple Yard by Sonia Williams
Mahalia reading an excerpt from top short story Queen Of Bridgetown by Aprille Thomas.

List of Writers

Daveny Ellis
Shaneise Holder
Aprille Thomas
Ramone Blackman
Robert Gibson
Andre Sandiford-Williams
Robert Edison-Sandiford
Linda M Deane
Opal Palmer Adisa
Winston Farrell
Sonia Williams

List of Photographers

Jaryd Niles Morris
Andrew Browne
Alexander Newton
Michron Robinson


Nailah Imoja
Shakirah Bourne
Sarah Venable
Andre Harewood 
D.J Simmons

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