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Sponsor categories at the Gine On People’s Choice Awards and broaden your online reach!

Connect the purpose of your brand with top talent of Barbados and communicate this to an excited community.

Your company can be immersed with the thousands of lovers of Barbadian culture and art who engage with the Gine On Awards over the season. There are digital and tangible relationships built with the community of nominees who are celebrated over the three months.

During the 2022 online showcase, our website garnered over 200,000 hits during the voting period and this is your opportunity to benefit from some of this engagement. Digitally, and via traditional media and word of mouth as well.

For The Complete List Of Categories CLICK HERE.


    Exclusive promotion on the category page during the online showcase of the nominees and voting period. You will have access to online space to sell your product and service, share promotional video, images or direct links to any media online you wish to highlight!

    You will have your company logo branded proudly on the envelope as the Awardee for this category is presented by an influencer and announced during the Celebration Ceremony.

    Your company logo will be prominently displayed on all official images and video regarding the category or categories you are supporting. This media will then be shared by the nominees to the thousands within their respective communities.

    You company will also be mentioned in all promotions of this category during the voting periods, and Celebration Ceremony. This will be done on social media and radio.

    We are also open to any creative measures to combine your brand with the presenter of the category as the Awardee is announced during the ceremony.

    You are also encouraged to provide added incentive for the awardee of your category so they can have a lasting relationship with your brand and you can receive additional endorsement from the influencer.

    Media Spots

    In addition to supporting specific categories, there is also the opportunity for your brand to sponsor specific radio and/or television spots as we promote the Awards season for 2023. Your products and services will be showcased throughout these times and be related to an experience serving to support the talented creatives from Barbados.


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