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Crumbs and Rums

Feed The Future Hits The Road

Capturing the launch of the Barbados Food and Rum Festival On August 26th 2022, scores of Bajans were left with a deeper appreciation for food and rum after the launch of The Barbados Food and Rum Festival 2022. The event commenced with an exciting motorcade reminiscent of Kadooment Day...

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Looking Like A Bajan

Buhbayduss Shirts Talking

Gayle Alleyne shares the origin story of her T-shirt brand What the story here! Imagine wearing some of Barbados’ most beautiful scenic shots decorated with out colourful language. This is the opportunity Gayle Alleyne is giving us with her t-shirt brand Buhbayduss. Listen to her...

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Arts Features

Bajan Fari: ReBoRnEd

Exclusive interview with well known Barbadian vlogger, photographer and personality on his rebirth after a brain tumour Out and bad. Boom! Dun talk. This is what greeted every time you enjoyed the colourful content of a Bajan Fari video. Most of Barbados, and a loyal following overseas...

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Legacy: The Story of The Barbados Dance Project

How it began and what it achieved. From September 1, 2011, my first day as NCF Cultural Officer-Dance, I devised a 4–5-year plan to develop dance in Barbados. I wanted dance professionals to Barbados to train consistently and seriously. Colleagues came through including: BaKari Lindsay...

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Some Of Our Friends

Why We Do This!

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