Making A Living From Making Art

Outside recording music and selling art pieces and performing at concerts, there are many other ways in which you can make a living from being a professional artist!

Subjects Needed

Cultural Studies

Places To Study

Barbados Community College
The Errol Barrow Centre Of Creative Imagination
School Yard Of Life
National Library

Tasks Performed

Produce and write music and scripts for movies, TV shows, podcasts and video games.
Write copy and record voice overs for advertising campaigns for radio, television and social media.
Copyediting for major corporations.
Content creation for promotion and marketing.
Music and creative project management.
Endorsement campaigns from brand partners.
Merchandise sales and collaboration.

Likes And Dislikes

You are able to have a direct impact and influence on placing the creative spin on many projects. You have access to a niche market that you would not usually be directly connected to and this helps to expand your brand and awareness of you. You also have the ability to document the ever changing culture of Barbados implementing your vision to inspire others.

At times you feel to do more personal projects rather than provide work for corporate but that just takes some time management and a little discipline! At times deadlines can add some stress but you building a strng schedule and callender will help to manage that.

Future Scope

There will always be a need for someone to provide writing and music for movies, tv shows and even video games! You will even be needed to help provide content for social media as it continues to expand!

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